I’m from Wales & grew up on the coast with a castle at the end of my back yard. I believed in faeries and magic. I’m one of seven kids and was lucky to be ‘adopted’ by a local artist from a young age, encouraging me to pick up items on my walks and making collages from found objects and especially shells, sea glass & stones.

I always knew I would travel and lived in Belgium & Rome before spending many years living in the USA, ten of the best being in San Diego, CA. where I worked as a decorative artist happily until injuring my right arm. Life took a different turn then, ending in a divorce and a need to go find myself again, and it meant leaving my two children in California.

First, I moved to Peru, but it didn’t agree with me, so 4 years ago I came to Madrid, Spain, and have been teaching English for a living. It’s been great to be able to spend time in Wales with my family. I’ve a passion for photography & the arts, but with having to learn how to stand on my two feet again, they took a back seat. It’s been challenging, trying to keep up with both families, and not really taking enough time to enjoy my own time here. This year I made a promise to myself to honour more of what I love doing. Slowly, I’m allowing more play & creativity into my life. I do keep meaning to blog about my travels and stories, but I’ve yet to commit.

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1. What was the inspiration behind the postcards you created for the “heART exchange”?

I was really excited by the heArt exchange challenge this time because I have been opening up my heart specifically this year to meditation and chakra clearing, and most important of all, self love. I love the outdoors, so blues & greens are usually a big part of my life. I remember my home being dubbed as ‘the funky house’ on an art tour brochure. Pattern, stripes & polka dots make me happy, I think all my cards maybe had a message to let go of what doesn’t serve you & be true to oneself.

2. What other creative activities do you love to take part in on a regular basis?

I don’t know how long I will stay in Madrid, because my soul longs for the sea, but I do have good friendships here. For now, I’m trying to explore as much as I can of this part of the country, capturing the culture with my camera regularly. I’ve been reading about the history and trying to see things with a new appreciation. I recently went out and helped with feeding the homeless and needy in the centre. So often we pass by people, wrapped up in our own lives, but their stories really changed something in me. Yes, they need money & food, but more than anything they want a chance to tell their story. Really listening to people, if only for a few minutes, can change their day and their outlook. And that in turn can change someone else’s and so on…


3. What do you think is the most satisfying part of creating what you create?

I enjoy reading positive & uplifting messages & affirmations, so I do add them when I can to my artwork, sometimes the message comes first and I create around it.

4. If you could create anything everyday, what would it be?

I often inspired to re-think an item to create furniture, mixed media, photography and even sewing. The environment and re-using things is a big part of who I am. But for now, while I’m still teaching, I think the biggest thing I can do is to teach creatively. There’s a crisis going on in this country, people are getting very depressed. Every day I try & motivate people to see past it, to encourage them and to let them see what they can do differently in their own lives. Helping others actually helps me too.

5. What do you think it is about creating something that can make a difference in someones life?

If it can touch their heart or part of their soul, be it healing or a spark of joy…what an honour for that artist to have been part of that, I feel very humbled when that’s happened.