A few months ago, I did the unthinkable..

I added writer along with artist to the main page of my website and my bio!

Danielle Daniel. She paints stories. She writes them too. Most of them are true.

All of the “who do YOU think you ares” were coming out of the closets and from under the bed. They poked at me, they ridiculed me, they tried to stop me. You never published a story, you sure as hell don`t have a book. Sure you published a few articles in ART magazines…but WRITER… That`s a crock!

I did it, despite all the fear. I made room for it. I added it to my main page and to my business cards. I dedicated a space to it in my studio. A brand new table with its own bulletin board. I surrounded myself with books that inspire me, words that move me.  I was already writing consistently, but I started writing even more.

The more I saw the word WRITER by my name, the more comfortable I got with it. Sure I still had doubts (many), but a very powerful shift was happening…  Approximately one month later, I applied to a prestigious Canadian writing Residency at the Banff Arts Center in Banff, Alberta. Only 8 people would be chosen for each genre-mine was Creative Non-Fiction.  I was accepted. The who do you think you ares sneered at first but then they gave me more space. They distanced themselves for a while.  They came back once I made the journey to Banff,  they especially tried to get my attention when I realized I was surrounded by REAL writers. They tried to trip me up. They told me I got lucky.

Banff Art Centre, Alberta Canada

But, spending 8 days  immersed in a world, where the the written word mattered-changed me. I was transformed. I started to believe it from my core: I am a writer. I’m a writer. OMG! I am A writer.

Since then, I have dedicated more time and space to this craft in my life. I have decided to spend less time blogging to commit to my stories. I have also decided to temporarily close my ETSY shop until September, to leave more time and space for my written work.  These are serious changes in my world.  I`m excited to see what these decisions will mean for my written work.

What I have learned is this:

When you name it, you give it power.When you make space for it, you give it room to grow. When you want it, you  feel fear, this is how you measure how much it means to you. The more fear, the more you want it. When you move through this fear, you are telling the Universe that you believe in yourself. Your actions counteract the fear. Every step forward you take; naming it, making space for it, applying to a writing residency… This is where the shifts start to happen.  This is where the magic happens. It will unfold in front of your eyes.

What are you afraid to name? I dare you to name it. I dare you to make space for it. I dare you to move towards your biggest dream. Feel the fear and move through it. I`m cheering you on, all the way.

You can read more about this journey on my BLOG. xo