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I’m often heard saying that time and energy are our two most valuable resources; spend them well so you receive the most beneficial return on investment. ROI is a basic term in the finance sector, but how can we apply these principles so they may serve us metaphysically and spiritually?

Return on investment (ROI) is a barometer tool to gage how well the money you’ve spent is paying back to you. For example, you fund something with a $1000, you cash out at $1200, so your ROI is $200.  Pretty simple stuff here.  It gets really exciting when we start to translate what that $200 means to us and assign stories, labels, judgments, affirmations and analyses to it. Just like when your friend cancels lunch plans on you five minutes before and you start to assign stories, labels, judgments, affirmations and analyses to it…

Now answer honestly here! How are you spending your energy? Is it in meditation, service, education and self care?  OR in bitterness, grudge harboring, gossip and arrogance? Are you pursuing contentment, passion and peace? Or revenge, control and rigidity? As with everything, there is no right answer. It is what it is! But as you take stock of where and how you’re spending your energy, ask yourself what’s your ROI? We know what it costs to invest your energy, but let’s be aware of the results of them too.  What are you taking away from how you spend your energy?

The answers will be in the quality of your relationships, your health, your emotional being, as well as the examples shown to you in your external world. Find yourself dateless on a Friday night?  Nothing wrong with that, but if you’d like to see yourself across from your soul mate, perhaps we need to invest less time in front of Downton Abbey and a little more time on match.com to improve that ROI! How about when faced with a challenging situation at work and you respond as opposed to react? Looks like the time on the meditation mat is paying off in spades!

Just like you don’t throw your money away, be equally responsible to guard your energy and use it only in ways that support your highest good. That charge is yours to approve or decline!

Positively and energetically yours,

Thomas Dunleavy, CPC