Sat Nam Everyone!             

(Sat Nam means true name or truth is our identity, used as a greeting amongst other meanings)

It’s lovely to again be sharing, and connecting with you this way.

This month I will be sharing a beautiful meditation which assists in the process of healing and allowing us to be more heart centered. this is  a special, yet intense time.

How are you feeling after the lunar full moon eclipse? we can expect emotional release during this period.

We have entered the beginning of the age of Aquarius! According to the teachings of Yogi Bhajan we moved into this age on 11.11.11 and so with this transition comes much change, as I mentioned last month. So, together needless to say this is one intense time. Can you feel it? A time of great acceleration so a great time to do something today that honors and blesses who you are and what you want. A time to get really clear.

A time to connect with the heart and dive deeper into being and unleashing your creative nature!

In theses times I felt it perfect to begin with an extremely powerful way to truly nurture one and all.

What does healing really Mean?

Repair, rejuvenate and regenerate. (also including release) So, that said we are always working on healing.. There are many ways that support healing and today we will focus on a particular mantra/meditation that is a powerful, supportive method.

It’s important we have a connection to soul/spirit/wisdom/intelligence/god what ever terminology is used doesn’t matter. When we are far from this connection, we feel lost and so dis-ease is more likely to occur. Pay attention to what needs attending too  🙂 Mind and body are not separated so what we affirm we can feel on a physical level.

Always before we being any practice of kundalini yoga we tune in with at least the Adi Mantra, this is a connection to the teachers, the golden change and is a way to honor the teacher within.


Ong Namo -I bow to the subtle divine wisdom

Guru Dev Namo – I bow to the divine teacher within.

This can also be chanted in 2 breaths but here is a version that will help you with the sound-but chanted in one breath. You can also find one other version here on ‘mantras of the master’. We close our eyes and turn them to the 3rd eye point between the brows and take a couple of long deep breaths to centre. Bringing hands together in prayer pose at the heart and we repeat this 3 times. I encourage you to do this, it centres and aligns you, and feels very nice -give your self that wonderful grounding experience and let me know how it goes!

Healing with the Siri Gaitri Mantra

This wonderful unique meditation captures the radiant healing energy of the cosmos and connects it to you, the practitioner. The sounds balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and activates the neutral (meditative) mind. The mantra uses a sound current. The mantra  with additional information can be found on Spirit Voyage for you to listen to and downloaded for FREE .


RA – Sun
MA – Moon
DA – Earth
SA – Infinity
SAY – totality of infinity
SO HUNG – I am Thou

OK. So if you’d like to have a go with this practice  Sit in a comfortable position, easy pose bringing heals into groin area or cross legged or on a chair is fine too! bring elbows into ribs with palms open facing up. eyes closed spine straight. (as in image above) After each inhale you exhale as you repeat the mantra, (before inhaling again) its helpful to use a recording, such as the one listed. Use your mouth fully and widely and feel and listen to the sounds and pull in navel on So and HUNG.

At the end, inhale send healing energy to yourself or the person or situation  you are wanting the healing for, visualize it, exhale, and then 2 more times. Then  offer up the healing prayer then lift the arms and shake the hands.

to finish you can complete with bringing your hands again in prayer position and chanting SAT NAM 3 times with the sat 7 times longer than the nam.  then if you like take a relaxation.

You may chant for 11-31 minutes.

This is a beautiful meditation and especially powerful on solstices and equinox’s.


Over the coming months look out for ways to go into heart centre through techniques shared from the amazing technology that is Kundalini yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. I will be sharing some total gems from heart postures, breath work otherwise known as pranayama, meditations sometimes with a mantra and mudra (hand position) until then, have a wonderful holiday season and A happy, healthy, holy new Year. With infinite love and Blessings