Authentic Art Hands

Friends are more than an extension of our family; they’re an extension of ourselves! These are the people we laugh with, celebrate with, experience the good with and of course go through the…”learning opportunities” life gives us too.  When the tables are turned, you feel their experience just as fully, if not more!

It’s so much deeper than just having common interests; it’s about two souls resonating at a similar frequency. A shared journey through this life and into the next.  These are the people we have with us today and until our karmic containers together are filled. In short: true friends are with us for the long haul!

For today, ask yourself how you can appreciate more those who appreciate you?  How can you be even MORE generous, more patient, more celebratory of the successes in their life?

And then in return, keep an eye on how able you are to receive all the goodies your friends offer you! The Law of Circulation teaches us that all that we give is an investment that comes back to us magnified.  If you don’t receive the support and love from your friends, then this isn’t an investment.  It’s a discard.  

Receive! Receive! Receive! And know that your ability to receive is not only serving you but the karmic account of your friend.  And you would do anything for them, right??? So for today…receive their love!

Let’s affirm:

  • I am surrounded by all the right people who love and support me, inside and out, in every and any way!  They love who I AM, honor where I’ve been and support me on my journey to where I’m going. 
  • From known and new ways, I receive the blessings of friends and return it supercharged.  It is Law!

And above all else:

  • I love the friendship that I offer myself every day.  How comforting to know that I am never alone; I am always with my best friend. 

 And so it is!

Thomas Dunleavy