finding the groove.

do you ever feel like you never find that sweet spot. you know the one, always so close that it becomes uncomfortable. i feel this way so many days. plenty of things to do, lists circling around in to the top of your head.  weekends approaching and that feeling of doom because you still have to work all weekend.

recently, i have invoked a new rule for me. no working on weekends. unless it is something fun that i really want to work on. like painting or something crafty. sundays are meant for laying around. making little meals and maybe some laundry. since i have started doing this, i find that my mind slows, i am happier and our little house runs smoother.

finding the groove of life some days just seems daunting. pulled from side to side and up and down from life. but setting some life rules seems to help in such a big way! of course the word “rules” seems so rigid and stringent. make the rules fun and worthy of your life. add special touches like when you are making a homemade birthday card.  here are a few that i am started using.

finding the groove 101.

one.  is it really necessary. no! then take it off the list. there are only so many days in a week and rest is healing. so get some.

two. start a new pinterest board. fill it with things you want to try, make or bring into your life. i love this idea and it works! i have several
that are just for new bits of fun!

three. make a pot of soup. then enjoying over the weekend. soup nourish our bellies and souls. winter is the best time to try out some hearty recipes.

four. send a letter. no not a private message or email. i mean get a pen and start writing. there will be smiles on both ends! if you need help getting started, check out jennifer belthoffs happy love tap called love notes.

five. breathe. find each moment through your day to breathe deep. i can’t tell you how many times i am stressed and have the mccranks, before i realize i am not breathing. my whole rhythm is off. so i just sit, breathe in and out and before i know it, i am back on track! pretty simple. the only trick is to remind yourself.

six. new scarves = instaspruce up.  while in san antonio, i realized all my clothes were white, gray or black. BORing! i found a happy little yellow scarf and totally fell in love with how it made me feeling. i was glowing inside. now go get one!

this season is full of obligations, crazy schedules and STRESS. do a few things for you. really, it is a-ok. when i take the time to bring in just a few things, life is so much sweeter.

and if that doesn’t hit the mark, i am totally in love with ann curry’s – 26 random acts of kindness. i adore the way she views life. what i find most becoming is how she can find simple ways to make such a big difference in life, in a day.  she is brilliant, caring and simple all wrapped up. 26 random acts. shining in a moment when our hearts are so heavy in the wake of tragedy. learning about heart. love. peace. go check it out.

wishing each of you a month full of wonder. see you next year. wink.