Swirling in my head
Dancing off the ears of my love as I share each one
Spoken with enthusiasm and excitment
Yet, never followed through
Words written down in a notebook
Visions of the future tucked away
Action never taken

Until this moment

I am putting down the fear
Taking the leap
Moving forward with the words I tucked away
Bringing to life a new path
Seeking out adventure
Asking for help
Not going at it alone

When we dream we get the wheels turning
Ideas take shape, we begin moving forward
When we reach out to others
Sharing our vision
Asking for a push to get started
That momentum builds speed
And we are able to climb mountains we thought impassible
Discover new road ways
And create our own maps

Know that you do not have to go at it alone
There is a cheering squad just ready to begin clapping
There is an ear ready to begin listening
And there is a friend, ready to nudge you forward
All you have to do is seek this out
Share your idea
And voice that you need help to begin

When we are honest with where we are at
And know, sorta, where want to go
We have a blank canvas in front of us
And anything is possible
Anything can happen anywhere
If we just take the leap to give it a try

What has been living in your heart that you have been keeping under lock and key?
What ideas are swirling?
What big dreams are in that wide expansive heart of yours?

Today lets begin together
Give them a voice
Lay out where we really are
And lets help each other find our paths to begin on