Symbolic Encapsulation

As we head into February with our newly created intentions, goals and resolutions for the year to come, sometimes our focus can wane. Life can distract us from those initial goals we set just a few weeks ago. The goals that filled our heart with passion and set our mind on fire with ideas.

How can we keep the passion and fire alive?

One way is to encapsulate your intentions, goals and resolutions is using a symbol. By using visualization we can lock those feelings of passion and fire within a symbol.

Encapsulating that feeling in a symbol.

You can start by focusing on how the intention, goal or resolution makes you feel or the state you wish to create. Alternatively you can visualize what the outcome is you desire and sit with that feeling. Once you have a clear image or feeling, in pick a symbol and infuse the feeling or image into your symbol.

The symbol maybe a crystal, stone, book, plant, or a space in your world such as a statue or favorite ornament. By creating a tangible image or object that embraces the feelings or state we attach to our intention, goal or resolution it enables it to be more real. It enables us to pick up the positive in a tangible form. So when we see the image it enables us to recall the positive visualization and connect us with our intention, goal or resolution.

For example, Alice’s goal for the year is to create a tranquil feeling every day. She chooses a chair in the favorite room in her house and visualizes feeling tranquil while sitting in the chair. She imagines what the chair feels like, the colour, shape, texture, sound, smell and the feeling of tranquility while focusing on the chair. This creates a connection between the chair and the feeling of tranquility. So whenever Alice walks past the chair or sits in the chair it evokes the feeling of tranquility. The same can be applied to crystals which are easy to carry around and also offer powerful healing properties.

Encapsulating your intentions and goals into a symbol can helps us create our dreams and connects us with our hearts desire. What did you use to encapsulate your dreams?


Reference: ICPKP