one of my goals this year was to paint BIG.

i gave it a go last year and just felt so intimidated by the large canvas. i felt like i had to fill up every little bit rather than leave some breathing room.

and i definitely didn’t feel like my characters were worthy of taking up an entire canvas.

but i’d been craving to just let it all out and splatter paint everything. so i tried it again and this owl came out of the canvas.

it began on a canvas i had been trying and trying to paint with a girl and bunny ears. but nothing felt right…

after layers and layers and a few months, i pulled out this canvas again and tried an owl.

owls are so close to my heart and a character i always come back to whenever i am frustrated with trying something new in my artwork.

by returning to something i am comfortable with, i gain the confidence to move forward in new directions and keep on following my heart.

This owl is here as a reminder that even on a cloudy day anything is possible, knowing that all you need to do is make your intentions known and DREAM BIG.

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