When did you first feel the pull to create?
What was the first thing you remember making with intention?
A castle, crafted together with playdoh
A path to ride your bicycle through
A new song, made up as you played with your friends

When did you realize that in order to thrive you needed to create?
Was it in middle school when you scribbled late into the night in the notebook you tucked under your bed?
Or did this pull come to you later in life, when you realized how much happiness it brought you?When did you know that you were born to craft your own path?
When did you start seeking out others who held this common belief that creating was as necessary as breathing?
When did you first begin?

There is a deep pull with us to make something
To see the fruits of our labor unfold before our eyes
A meal cooked
A poem written
A house built
A family tended to

All of these things require love, intention, and an open heart to see what will unfold
When we create we open up to possibility
We may plan for something to go one way, but
There are always sharp turns, moments when we take a step off course
And unexpected surprises that take us on new journey’s

A blank page is a new opportunity
An unfinished book is a chance to write a new ending
A paint brush can help you uncover your future
And you are never to old or to young to begin again

You hold the power to craft your future
You can create the life you are most meant to live
Continue seeking
And unearthing the truths that are living in your heart

When you are surrounded by those who believe in you
You believe more in yourself
And create beauty