Hi everyone and welcome to this months theme which is CREATE. What does create mean to you? What life do you create for yourself? What life would you like to create?

Do you make time to be creative in your day? What would you like to create everyday if you could? Think back to when you were a child, what were the art materials and crafts you enjoyed the most?

We are all creators and being creative in many forms lifts our spirits and enables us to be in a higher vibration zone. Creation flexes our right brain of intuition, seeing the big picture and creating something out of nothing.

YES, we all are creators, even if you think you are not creative, you are. Do you cook, bake, garden, sew, write, take photos, write poetry, doodle? Take a moment to realize how you create everyday.

What would you like to create more of?

What would you like to explore?

What materials give you joy?

What images and words make you feel good about yourself.

 What inspires you?

What shapes and patterns make you smile?

Who is your favourite artist?

What kind of creations do you want to surround yourself with everyday?

If you could create ANYTHING, what would it be?