So, here we are after 21st December. The much revered time where many speculated we have shifted into a new consciousness, a higher vibration and slower frequency. When I sat down to write this month’s blog for heart, I meditated for a few moments on what we, as ever learning and evolving beings needed to help us move along the next phase of our journey. I used muscle testing to scan all the tools I have as a kinesiologist to see what would be the most beneficial for heart readers to learn about to facilitated our growth. What showed was ‘attitude reversal’.

I had a slight chuckle, as I felt this made perfect sense. An attitude reversal is described as a “stated of mind when a person wants something but subconsciously does not wish to achieve it because of some hidden agenda” (ICPKP). For example, you may wish to stop smoking, but deep down there is a part of you that keeps smoking because you have a belief that you need to be unhealthy. Or pretend that I am widower with adult children. I fall and hurt my hip. Now my kids are calling me each night, meals on wheels are coming by twice a day, and the pastor for my church is stopping by Sunday afternoon. If I get well I am going to lose all of this attention and be lonely once again (

I found this so relevant to what so many people are experiencing. People are recognizing behaviors and belief’s that they wish to change so they can grow, but are struggling to implement or hold the changes. By correcting your attitudes you help clear out these sabotage programs so it is easier to achieve your goals and become the person you aspire to.

Clearing attitude reversals can simply be done by tapping on acupressure points similar to using EFT, also known as Emotional Freedom Techniques. This involves tapping on particular acupressure points while saying statements, which help align your body’s energy system.

How to clear attitude reversals:

Step 1. Name the problem or feeling, clearly, directly and truthfully. Be Specific!

Step 2. Rate the emotional intensity on a scale of 0-10.
(0=not at all, 10= most intense). Write this number down.

Step 3. Tap on the Karate chop Point on the side of the hand (see diagram) While tapping, repeat three times                         out loud.

“In spite of this reversal in attitude about…(fill in the blank)… I deeply and profoundly love, accept, appreciate and respect myself.”

This connects the mind/body and prepares the energy system for healing.

Step 4. Then tap on the following points (see diagram) in order while repeating a reminder phrase that describes the problem. For example, “this smoking” or “being helpless”.

Start at the top of the head, Eyebrow, side of eye, under eye, under nose, chine, and collar bone and under arm

While tapping please keep focused on your problem. This completes one round. Take a few deep breaths and drink some water. Breathing and water help energy to flow.

Step 5. Tune back in to the problem/feeling and re-evaluate your intensity on the 0-10 scale. If it is gone, great. If not, do another round and recheck the intensity.

Step 6. See if there is now a new issue rising and work through that feeling or thought. If you notice no change at all, you can revise your statement. Sometimes there is a stronger problem/emotion beneath the one you are working on.

I find this video very useful to describe the process. How to do EFT

Have fun and remember you can tap on any issue you wish to change, resolve so you can grow and evolve.