Hello Every Body! Here in the UK we have experience warm weather for some months now, as you can see from this image we have had amazing sunshiny blue sky’s more often than not.

So I’d like to begin the New Year with a celebration of LOVE and the heart Chakra. We all can benefit from giving and receiving more love right?

The Heart is the centre of Consciousness.  The love centre of the energy system. Within this energy vortex many aspects of the emotion love is felt intensely, including heartbreak, grief, pain, fear, joy, compassion balancing the heart is the purest healing.

Learning self love is important to maintain a healthy heart centre. You can access the energy at any moment, even if it is not the true experience you have. You can tune into the heart when you feel resistance and allow a softness to arise as you melt and breath into the space.

Because it is the balance point of all other chakras, it will have an effect on all the chakras too. Fire is needed for emotional well-being, the heart centre creates fire.
THe nadi (energy chanel) runs from the arm pit to the little finger, Mercury. We need to keep these channels open. The heart has a power much like the navel centre.

So all yogic postures that use the arms are beneficial to the heart. This month we will take a look at the posture ‘Bow pose’ We include this in a series of postures known as a kriya but it is practiced as a solo posture also. When we practice a series or meditation we always tune in with the mantra as I mentioned last month, however for just the practice of one posture it is not so necessary to do this. This is the posture pictured below.


Begin by laying on the tummy, grabbing the ankles if you can, using the thigh muscles to pull the legs up and off the ground and as the chest lifts let the head follow. This does take practice 🙂 so don’t be concerned if you cannot do it exactly. the knees stay a little apart and try not to compress the lower back use the leg strength to assist. Continue to breath long and deeply. For a few breaths until you feel you need to come down so do so slowly, and build up the time.

The heart can become contracted as a result of emotional pain so postures such as these allow the energy to flow more freely. Also helping to lift the mood and alleviate depression. Kneck and shoulder issues can be a result of tension to this area. The navel is also worked with this pose and so any digestive issues can be relieved.



All truths can be known when the heart is fully opened, beyond the thinking of the mind. When the ‘I’ is not so identified with. Have a go at the posture and let me know how you feel.

Also, I would encourage you to pay attention as much as possible to how you are feeling at various points throughout the day. Notice. observe. Enter into the realm of all possible feelings and emotions.  Also try and do this without the addition of any judegement, but if you do just notice that too 🙂

Next month we will explore this matter a little more deeply. with the addition of more yogic tips.

until then, Many infinite Blessings to YOU

Love, Devi Kirin