Hello beautiful friends!

Its been so long since I’ve visited this awesome space.

I’ve been such a busy mama, wife and artist

that I had to ask the lovely Louise for a leave of absence

for the past few months!

But I’m back, ready to roll and happy to announce that

I am officially resigned from my job in special ed

and although I will miss the kids and staff like crazy

I am over the moon happy to begin my journey

as full time artiste and spreader of happy vibes!

One of my favorite ways to start the day

or end the day

or just make my heart feel GOOD

is to watch a fabulous flash mob!

The Oxford dictionary defines a flash mob

as a gathering of strangers who “perform a pointless act”

I sooooo disagree!

here is one of my new favorites!


Hope you enjoy!

What do we love about this?

Is it the sense of shared wonder?

The aura of magic at work?

The beauty and perfection of an unexpected gift.

The smiles on the faces of both performers and viewers

say it all

and the children dancing, directing, giggling

the children say it all and give me hope for this beautiful world ♥

My challenge for you this week is to say hello to your inner child

find your silly and bring it on out

and do something that you haven’t done for a long time

like skipping down the street

or flying high on a swing

or throw on an old album you used to love and SING out loud

while you dance around the house

this is your mission

and I would LOVE to hear back from you

just to get you started…

my 15 year old and I were driving back from Sydney this week

passing beautiful fields where cows were grazing

just to get her attention I mooed

and she mooed

and the next five minutes were spent trying to out moo each other

with the longest and loudest moos we could produce


Very silly and I have to say totally liberating!

write back and tell me your sillies this week

go on…make me smile 🙂

lots of love

Tracy xx