Hello Dear Sweet Souls,

Here as we meet again this month. I wanted to offer you a beautiful little meditation for self blessing.

It seems to be quite a normal practice to bless others, especially when it seems easy to do so, everyone deserves blessings don’t they?  Yet when there is a feeling of disconnection, or dislike for somebody we want instead to push them out of our lives.   How about, we offer even those people a blessing?   Also, when there seems to be apparent challenges  we want to resist this and make it go away, so again there is an opportunity to bless the situation and see this as a blessing some how and not a curse.  When we are able to do this, it allows the heart to stay soft, open and accepting of what is showing up. It opens the way for gratitude.  For just letting things be and seeing the transformation unfold.

In the yogic world, there is the teaching of karma, and so each ‘obstacle’  that occurs is not about punishment or bad luck  but a gift for the souls evolution and advancement.

Here is the meditation that is for you to try out. To take the time, to honor your sweet self which most likely,  you don’t do often enough.  Our own self or soul often gets over looked while we tend to the needs and wants of others. We have so much more to offer and give when we are fully loving and nurturing of our own self. Which ultimately is ‘other’ anyway.

Meditation for Self-Blessing                                                                                                   

Sit comfortably in Easy Pose.

MUDRA: Arch your right arm over your head, palm facing down 6 inches above the crown of your head. Raise your left forearm parallel to the ground and bend your elbow so that your hand is touching your chest, palm facing down.

EYES: Your eyes are closed.

MANTRA: Chant aloud in a monotone:


Try this for a few minutes starting at 3 minutes and see how it feels. Really go into the heart centre and totally bless yourself. Fully and completely.   We mostly take this life for the real deal, we place a large emphasis on who we believe we are, what it is we do etc, we say I am this, I am that…

When we say  I AM I AM as in this meditation, we get deeper into being, we go beyond the manifested reality of the roles we take on in this life.

So, have fun with that. I would love to hear how you go on.

I Bless us all With love and gratitude

Devi Kirin