This kinesiology technique is known as Visual Inhibition.

It is a great energy booster for people who fall asleep or feel tired when reading.

It  involves rubbing three sets of points. Each set of points relates to a different aspect of seeing.

Sometimes reading or looking in a certain direction can affect our energy levels. Rubbing the points below can help to strengthen the energy for that direction of vision. You can rub just one point or all of them!

See if you notice if certain directions cause you more stress or make you feel tired. For example, maybe you always look to the left to answer your phone at work, this could create a left and right disturbance. Or maybe you have trouble reversing your car using the mirror, using the correction for looking near and far can help increase your energy around this disturbance.

Movement should be energizing.

 left and right

How do it:

For issues with looking left and right:

Rub the K27 points (as shown in the diagram) with one hand, while one hand is over your belly button. Switch hands and repeat.  When rubbing look left and right.

For more information on the K27’s points visit this previous post on K27’s:

up and down

For issues with looking up and down:

Rub the upper and lower lip points (as shown in diagram) with one hand, while the other hand is over your bellybutton. Switch hands and repeat. When rubbing look up an down.

For issues with looking far and near:

Rub the K27 points and the upper and lower lip points as described above. When rubbing look at something far away and then something near.

front and back

For issues with looking forwards and backwards:

Rub tailbone point with one hand while the other hand is over your belly button (as shown in diagram). When rubbing look forwards and then backwards (a mirror can help you look behind yourself).

For issues with reading:

Rub K27 points, tailbone point, then upper and lower lips points as described above. When rubbing read aloud and also quietly to help re-balance the energy disturbance.

Your vision will become clear only when you look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.

Carl Jung


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