Traditionally people talk about our five senses, but there is another sense that helps us navigate the world.

This is our intuition. This is our inner knowing.  Knowing without reason.

Intuition can felt in many different ways. It is a feeling of understanding without knowing and can be felt as a hunch, feeling or thought. People might say ‘It just hit me’ or ‘I just knew’ or ‘I got a feeling’. This is your intuition speaking to you, helping to guide you in the right direction.

All too often though, our intuition is drowned out by our busyness and internal chatter. Either we over think things or let other people’s opinions, needs and wants influence our decisions. Historically, following your intuition was not supported by society as there is not ‘hard-evidence’ to support your knowing. It is a sense that was never encouraged or taught. We all learnt how to read with our eyes, differentiate tastes and what they meant. The same goes for intuition. We just need to relearn this basic skill that is inherent to us.

Following your intuition will always lead you along the right path and the right decisions. Really quieting ourselves down so our intuition can be heard helps us navigate the path of life.

Ways to help increase your intuition are:

* Learn to self-muscle test with yes/ no answers (a can tell you about this next month on heart) as a way to  check your intuition

* Meditate: this helps quiet that chatter and allow your inner voice to be heard. It helps ground and center you.

* Listen to what your body is telling you – look for tension or pulling away as this can signal a no, while yes can felt as relaxation or expansion

* Pay attention to your feelings – those emotions your feel can help you understand what is really going on

* Listen to your dreams – they are the subconscious and intuitive aspects of yourselves that can help give you string inner guidance

* Pay attention to those hunches, thoughts and feelings and see where they go – keeping a diary of these moments when our intuition speaks can help us cultivate our intuition.


I would love to hear of ways that help you connect with your intuition….



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