Hi Everybody,

This month I wanted to share this pose with you. ‘Archer Pose’ or Virabhadrasana. This is a really great asana that can be practiced alone, and will require stamina and for you to use focused energy to stay steady and strong.  But  a great practice for the modern times of challenge. While it looks simple enough it does require you to dig deeper into the reserves of energy.  You can build up the time with a little practice, up to 11 minutes each side will help create a strong radiance and power.

This practice will allow you to raise the heart rate, build  strength and remain open hearted.  Allowing you to glimpse you own internal power.

Firstly the image above shows how it looks.


Spreading the feet approximately 2 – 3 feet apart.

Place the right foot forward. Place the left foot at right angles to the right foot. Push forward so the right knee is over the right toe.

Stretch the left leg behind, with the knee straight. tuck the tail bone under.

Curl fingers of both hands onto palms. As if pulling back a bow and arrow, lift the right arm up parallel  to the ground, over the right knee. The left arm, bent at the elbow will be pulling back, pull the neck in slightly bringing the chin in and chest open and out.

Reverse sides and repeat.


Have fun with it!

One Love,  until next time, Devi kirin