This breath I take in now…is new.  My new beginning.

     As I exhale, I release the destructive energies that no longer serve me and I replace them with

     This next new breath that I take in now.  It is new and pure and clean as crystal spring water! 

     My new breath.  My new beginning.

I breath in.

I exhale out. 


     I breath in now knowing that I am the author of my experience.

     I breath out confident that only good comes to me. 

     Only good ever has.

     Only good does.

     Only good ever will. 

I breath in…I am secure just where I am as I am and

I breath out…I’m ok…I’m ok. 

I am safe and all is well.


     I smile as I breath in infinite possibility and

     I breath out the need to limit myself.

     I let it go.  I let it go.  I. Let. It. GO!

I breath in the commitment to move forward towards my intentions and

I breath out knowing I can, I do and I will!

It starts NOW! My new beginning. 


I am more than enough! I am more than whole!

     Every moment is simply a new opportunity for me to try again, for me to succeed again, for me to love again!

This is my time to be who I want to be regardless of what has happened.  I take the elements from my past that have served me well and I release the rest.  It is that simple. And that power is mine to exercise.     

     I start over as many times as I choose to.  With this breath! With this breath!

With. This. Breath!

 And so it is!

 Positively and energetically yours,                      

 Thomas Dunleavy, CPC