Muscle testing or energy testing is at the foundation of kinesiology. It enables us to assess what stresses the body and what strengthens the body by asking yes and no questions.

Muscle testing is a biofeedback tool that we can use to determine what resonates with our bodies. It is a way to access our bodies inner wisdom and converse with the subconscious mind. Bypassing conscious thought, muscle testing accesses your intuitive and energetic systems. This technique can be used anywhere, anytime to help you access your inner wisdom. Our inner wisdom always guides in the right direction for our highest good.

There are several ways you can self-muscle test, one of the easiest and most reliable is the whole body test (also known as sway or lean testing). Just as a tree leans towards the sun, the body is naturally inclined to lean towards what it agrees with. It works with the idea that a positive association or “yes” strengthens the muscles, while a negative association or “no” weakens them. You can use self-testing to see if something is in your highest good or if you what food or supplement you should purchase.

How do I test myself?

Stand up straight with feet flat on the ground and pointing forward.

Ask  yourself a YES/NO question, or hold a supplement or food on your body.

Wait and notice your body’s subtle response.

You may feel a pull forward or push backwards.

A FORWARD response indicates a YES or unstressed.

A BACKWARD response indicates a NO or stress response.

You can practice and get to know your subtle body’s response. Practice can help improve the reliability of yourself muscle testing.

Start by thinking or saying YES and wait for the subtle response with a natural sway or pull slightly forwards.

Do the same for NO, think or say NO. You will feel a natural sway backwards or push

Other responses may include:

No change – This can indicate Maybe, I’m coping or unstressed in regards to your question.

To the right side – side-stepping or uncertain in regards to the question

To the left side – I don’t know, ask a better question.

What if you are answering YES’s as NO’s and NO’s as YES’s?

If you find that your YES’s are going backwards and your NO’s are going forwards You be switched (your energy circuits are not running the correct way). You can try a few simple energy clearing techniques to get your energy system running in the right direction. You can do your K27 acupressure points (click here for how to reset you K27’s), rubbing your switching points help correct energy disturbances (click here for how to reset your switches) and lastly, drink some water as you maybe dehydrated.

Please note: Self muscle testing is not a fortune telling tool or diagnostic tool. It is testing YOUR energetic system at that moment in time in regards to a food, supplement or question. Asking if Brad will call tomorrow and ask you on a date? Is not an appropriate question, as Brad his is own conscious being with his own will. It is not a replacement for conventional medical diagnostics. Do not rely on muscle testing alone to determine whether you have an illness, food sensitivity or other serious condition.

I would love to read and for you to share your experiences with self muscle testing below…