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Louise Gale is a core energy life coach and artist. She is passionate about the energy of our thoughts, and how we use our creative expression to speak our truth. Louise created this heART center to be a welcoming community for all. Louise would love to inspire you to live from the heart everyday so doing what you love can be a greater part of everyday life.

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Current Contributors

 Diane Gelatly is a nurse and Energy Kinesiologist.

Energy Kinesiology balances the energy or ‘chi’ in the body through different techniques that work on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects. It is the science of energy balancing.

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Jennifer Belthoff is a seeker of words that move her heart and soul. Always on the lookout for the smile that connects her to others. As she embraces the way nature takes her back to herself, she finds ways to share her words with others.

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Kelly Barton. i am a girl who believes in the everyday simple. i love sharing empowering stories through each girl i paint. stories that we each tuck away in the layers of our days, sometimes just needing a little reminder that it is okay to come out and play. i am kelly barton. mixed media artist, designer. i own a laugh that sounds like betty rubble and  a love for the word d.a.n.g. a girl filled to the brim with color. the girl next door.

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Lori Portka is a full-time artist, doing what she loves, in hopes of spreading a little happiness around. She believes in loving kindness and authenticity.

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Thomas Dunleavy is a lifelong student of self improvement, personal development and spirituality, and a life coach specializing in Affirmative Thought and Intuitive Action (the art of achieving what is most important through the guidance and alignment of inner core beliefs, values, passion and dreams).   Dubbed “The Word Doctor” Thomas works with his clients on refining their language so they are afforded every possibility to not only successfully realize their goals, but also love who they are while doing it!

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