The new year has me all giddy with possibility. It makes me want to exercise every day, make fresh juice daily, remodel the house, start a garden, paint art every single day, sew myself a new wardrobe and so much more. It all makes me breathless, excited and I want to skip all over the house with this renewed sense of energy.

It also makes my husband want to hide, because he knows he will have to be the muscle behind some of my more brilliant ideas. And it makes me a little anxious. Reality sets in, “HELLO! you have a job, children and a very busy life already!”. I start thinking, “When am I going to have time to do all this!” and I start giving myself impossible deadlines that I know I can’t keep. Then, I get overwhelmed and it all makes me feel like a BIG FAT failure. This is when I have to step back and remind myself of importance of remaining grounded.

Everyone one wants to thrive and be better than the year before, but before I set myself up for the big downers of the incredible list of things not done, I must remember to stop and take a good look around. What I think is a good idea tonight, may not be the best idea in the morning and that’s okay.

So this year, I want t do all those great things, but I won’t be beating myself up for not getting it all done. What’s really important here is that I thrive because I’m doing what I love and enjoying it to the fullest. If it is causing too much stress, then re-evaluation is in order.

Here are some very important things to help keep you grounded:
1. Get all of the rest you need every night. Nourishing your body, mind and soul with blissful hours of sleep can do a world a wonders. You think better, have more energy and can get good things done.

2. Clear your work space so that positive and new energy can flow through and around you. Spend a few minutes each day to keep it clean (or creatively organized).

3. Disconnect for an hour or two every day. Go outside, sit in the sun, take a deep breath and a good look around you. Meditate. Be in the moment.

4. Spend quality time with family and friends. Make a connection with someone, listen to their story. Laugh. There is nothing like a good laugh to bring you back to earth.

5. Re-evaluate when needed. Sometimes sticking to the plan or schedule is not the right thing to do. Step away when needed, come back with fresh eyes and see what needs to stay or go. Some of those really great ideas need time to ripen. Set them aside. The really good ones will be waiting for you.

6. Practice gratitude for all that you have. Be thankful for the good and even the bad (usually there is a valuable lesson). Do this daily!

7. Be super kind to yourself. Nurture your heart, your soul, your body. Eat nutrients rich foods with occasional treats –chew mindfully. Read good books, listen to good music, pamper yourself and give yourself a few compliments every day.


Regina Lord currently lives in southern Arizona with the love of her life and her two beautiful boys. She is passionate about doing what she loves and incorporates art into her daily living whether though painting, drawing, photography, art journaling, sewing or blogging about her creative passions. You can see more of what she does on her website Creative Kismet.