It’s that time of the year.  The ‘Silly Season’.  If you’re like me you’ve got a list, or maybe several of them.  I’ve got lists of things I need to do, a list of presents to make or buy, a grocery list for Christmas Day.  Then there’s people to catch up with and lots of little things that need to be done.

This time of year can end up being quite stressful for a lot of people.  I often notice the energy I come across when I’m out in public can be tense.  People are a little frazzled and agitiated.

Try to take a little bit of time for yourself in amidst all the busy.  Keep your eyes and heart open for signs.  Pop your camera in your bag when you’re out and about ticking off lists and running errands.  There might be a lovely messages from the universe meant just for you.

Have a very merry, healthy, happy and relaxing festive season.