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Lori Portka

Lori is a full-time artist, doing what she loves, in hopes of spreading a little happiness around. She believes in loving kindness and authenticity.  She is mostly sweet and compassionate and learning to say “no” when “yes” does not feel right and accept (and even embrace) the non-optimistic, angry, spitfire part of herself.   She travels as much as possible and loves animals with all her heart.

1) What does living from the heart mean to you?
Living from the heart means allowing compassion and love to be the guiding forces in my life.   It means doing my best to react from my most present and centered self.  It means following my intuition and listening to the quiet stirrings in my heart that keep me connected with my soul’s purpose.

2) What are some of your morning activities/rituals that set you up for a lovely creative day?
I am not naturally a morning person and I prefer to ease into the day.  Making green juice is part of my daily routine almost every single morning.  After that, the mornings usually vary.  I exercise at the gym, do yoga, walk the dogs or relax with a warm mug of tea and read a daily reading from one of my favorite books, The Book of Awakening by Mark Nepo.  Sometimes I begin with meditation, gratitude and picking a Louise Hay Power Thought card.  My morning routine is a work in progress.  I am still learning the best way to start my day.

3) Please tell us a little about your wonderful 100 thank you’s project
I made a list of 100 people that I simply adore. I am making an 8×10 painting for every person on the list (so far I have 65 finished!)  Then I will have an exhibition and give them all away.   Some of the people on my list are my closest friends and family.  Others are authors and musicians and bloggers that I have never met in person but have impacted my life deeply and profoundly.  I made a painting for the honest and kind-hearted man who has been fixing our family cars for years.  I made one for my gynecologist who discovered I had stage zero cervical cancer and removed the cells with intention and compassion before they had a chance to grow.  Thinking about giving the paintings away makes me giddy with excitement!  I have learned so much through this project.  I know without a doubt that creative ideas are always available and there is an endless supply of inspiration if I just open my heart to it and become still and present.  Each painting feels like a little prayer of loving kindness sent into the world.

4) Why do you think saying thank you and being thankful are important?
To me gratitude is love.  It is a high vibrational and healing energy.  Put simply, I love gratitude because it makes me feel happier.  And when I am happy and full of appreciation I am better able to serve the world.  This is all good.

Some of Lori’s finished paintings for the 100 thank you’s project

5) What will be your area of focus for your posts on “Your heART makes a difference”?
I believe art made with a grateful and loving heart carries positive intention that is spread around.  It is powerful!  My posts will focus on creativity, art, and radiating love.

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Thank you Lori. Please join me in welcoming Lori as one of our heART contributors


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