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Our Mission

To raise the consciousness of the world, one by one through practicing self-care, love, kindness, forgiveness & gratitude through creative expression. We host global Art Swaps several times a year to spread good heart energy around the world.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire you with stories, creative activities, artwork & ideas to nurture your soul, body and heart center. Together, let’s fill our lives with love, color, art and smiles!

We are aligned with the thinking and research that is currently being conducted by The Global Coherence Initiative”

The power of your thoughts

Our own thoughts and feelings create particular types of energy, also referred to as consciousness. This “energy” can either work against us, holding us back or for us enabling us to live a more purposeful life.

Energy is all around us,  the world is an energy system connecting all living things, which vibrate and resonate at different levels. What we think, feel and do can spark significant changes to our own lives as well as those around us.

Fear, guilt, anger, blame and conflict are examples of low energy and you can recognize when you are in this space as you feel low, heavy and bad.

Peace, love, joy & gratitude are examples of high vibrational energy and you can recognize when you are here as you feel light, connected, creative and great!

Heart Energy – the scientific stuff!

Energy is everywhere. The human body and everything around us is an energy system resonating at different vibrational energy levels throughout the day.

Many studies have quoted that we have approximately 65, 000 thoughts every day. Isn’t that amazing! The energy of those thoughts are based on our current circumstance, but also every experience, lesson taught and belief system we live by.

Every thought we have stimulates our brain and produces hormones, which then create feelings and emotions in our being resulting in an action or outcome. Depending on the kind of thought we have and the feeling it then generates, these can resonate on several levels of energy, that can also be known as levels of consciousness. As shown by the chart below, our thoughts and feelings change our heart rhythms. The lower energy levels of fear, frustration, anger and conflict not only make our heart rate erratic, causing us stress in our lives, but also produces catabolic energy and chemicals in our body that over time may eventually manifest as disease. In a nutshell, catabolic energy is the destructive energy, anabolic energy is the positive growth oriented energy that flows through our body smoothly promoting health and growth.

Source: Institute of HeartMath

Please watch this great video from heartmath.org who are currently researching “Global Coherence”.

Which type of energy do you choose to live by today?


As human beings we often focus on what is missing in our lives, what is wrong and what isn’t working. Imagine if we were to turn that around and focus more on what has gone well, what is working and really start to focus on what we are grateful for.

Imagine a world filled with more kindness, gratitude, creativity, self-care and forgiveness. Hold that thought for a moment and open your heart to the possibility that you can make a difference.

 Are you ready to help make a difference?

We invite you to share your stories, art, ideas and help us create a community that constantly inspires.

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Join the next heART exchange

Join the next heART exchange

Thank you to all who have contributed so far

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This site is brought to you with love from Louise

This site is brought to you with love from Louise

An overview of coherence from heartmath.org

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